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Why get a Cyprus Domain Name for your business?

As you might already know, a Cyprus domain name is a domain which ends in .cy. A lot of high authority businesses choose to use country specific domain names because of the plethora of benefits that come with it.

Is it for everyone? What are the pros and cons?

Let’s take it step by step.

All starts with a Domain Name!

Pros & Cons

of Cyprus Domain



Better for SEO targeting purposes

If you want to target people in Cyprus, then you should care about Local SEO. Google uses domains as a guide for SEO. If your domain name states the country you want to target, then Google is more likely to rank your website higher for searches from that country. Therefore, when someone from Cyprus searches for your services or products in your niche, your website will be right there. 


Availability of domains to choose from is much higher

Online local markets in Cyprus are not very competitive yet. Therefore, there is a higher chance of finding the domain name you want, that will best fit your company. This is particularly appealing if you have a business name with elements shared by other businesses as well.


Establishing authority

Websites with a .cy at the end give an impression of a more serious, authoritative, and trustworthy business. The way your prospect perceives your company has a major impact on their decision to work with you or purchase from you. Therefore a .cy domain name will help you establish authority and build trust between you and your prospects during the first contact. 

A domain name ending in .cy gives you reliability in the market, especially if you’re just starting off. 


Direct information about your business in your domain

Connected to authority, trust is built when people see something familiar. Seeing a domain name ending in .cy shows prospects that you are local. This in turn, establishes your first commonality – your location – which in turn builds trust and optimism for your business.


You can predict where your customers are coming from

You obviously always know who you are targeting. However, with a country specific domain name you also get a fair idea of who is seeing your website. Therefore, you can now make your services even more specific, maybe even change your website’s language to Greek. Knowledge is power. And in this case knowledge used effectively means more business at your door. 



If you wish to target people outside of Cyprus, a cy. domain will limit you

If your business is located in Cyprus but you aim to target people internationally, or in Cyprus and Greece, then a .cy domain might not be the best option since it will limit you. 


Time consuming registering process

The process of registering a .cy domain might be a little hectic and time consuming because of all the information needed to get one. The government decides on regulations and how to register a .cy domain. This might be a limiting factor for many; however, the good news is that we are here to take some of the burden off your back. 


There’s a learning curve when it comes to setting it up

Setting up a .cy domain name the right way, means you will have to use some Local SEO practices. If your domain name targets people in Cyprus, but your whole website is generic and does not use SEO’s best practices to target locals, then you are using a fishing rod with the bait. 

Therefore, you might need to consider investing some time in learning how to utilize Local SEO to your advantage or hire experts to do it for you!

Why register a Cyprus
Domain Name?

The benefits stated above are a clear indication of why one would want a .cy domain name. However, it is very important that this decision is made based on your specific needs and goals.

Therefore, we’re created a short checklist to find out if you should register a .cy domain name.


You should consider a .cy domain if you:


Have a business located in Cyprus


Are starting off an online business without a physical location that serves people in Cyprus 


Offer a service in Cyprus 


Sell products in Cyprus


Your target audience is people living in Cyprus 

Well, the trend is kind of obvious!

If you are targeting Cyprus – a .cy domain will offer you a lot of benefits. (here link to pros part of landing page) And we encourage you to use one. In this case, the few ‘cons’ listed above are punches you are willing to take.

Why open a Company
in Cyprus ?

Starting a company in Cyprus can be appealing for a variety of reasons, the most popular being the favorably low corporate tax rates. However, the 12.5% tax rate isn’t the only appealing aspect of starting your business in the island.

Cyprus’ geographical position makes the country very attractive to tourists, and furthermore, very attractive to investors. Given the small size of the population it is easier to target your specific audience. And since the internet is a guiding force for businesses today, a .cy domain, in combination with local SEO is a recipe for success – whether it’s online or physical.

Other than that, most people living in Cyprus can understand and speak English, which gives you more freedom regarding your marketing strategies.

…and why go digital?

The past few years the digital world has been exponentially growing, and since covid-19 almost everything has now gone digital. Therefore, being absent from the web, is like slowly erasing your business from the world.  

But with so much competition how can you stand out? Well, there is no one-fits-all step by step plan. But there are some strategies that we use for our clients to help their businesses stand out through marketing and here’s a sneak peek.  

Firstly, no one likes a scrappy replica of an original model. Therefore, strive to be original yourself. And by original, we don’t mean ‘invent the wheel’, we simply mean be innovative and different in something. Even if your competitors have already established dominance, you can set yourself apart by paying attention to the small things. 

And some of the small things being – building real connections with your clients or customers, adding value to people upfront, attaching a vision to your service or product or creating a community and bringing people together. 

We are here to help you stand out. And we are here to guide you through the process of creating a business that will target the people you want and bring you the results you desire.

About Us!

We are a team of experienced individuals who have roamed the digital business world for years now and have learned the most effective ways to achieve our clients’ goals. We have several registered .cy domains in Cyprus which rank at the top of search engine results for their markets. Some of which include Online Solutions, and ASG cars. 

We value your time, and therefore we do not waste it. 

We love doing what we do, and we love helping people like you launch a website that will rank at the top of your prospects’ searches. 

So, let’s get people straight to your doorstep, your email, or your checkout page! 

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If having a .cy domain sounds appealing to you, and fits your business, then you’re in the right place! 

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